Two attempts completed on 8/2!! More info soon...

The Tabor Ten Thousand

Suffer the Tedium

The Course

Course Profile on Strava of official lap

Course Profile on Strava of official segment

The essentials:

To complete the Tabor Ten Thousand the rider must complete 75 laps to climb 10,000 ft. Upon completion, please submit a ride profile link to for verification.

The Rules





Two Successful Attempts!!


Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday to either ride or support. There were two successful attempts completed by Tim and Dan. What's incredible is that their moving times were separated by just a couple minutes. Tim suffered a split sidewall late in the ride (patched by a ProBar wrapper) and ultimately conceded some time to Dan who is now our Tabor Ten Thousand Leader with a total time of 6:05.

First known finisher of Tabor Ten Thousand tabor-ten.jpg
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